A Lot About Jane McEldowney

Jane McEldowning

As soon as Jane graduated from Clearwater (Florida) High School in 1972, she moved to Houston, and here she spent the next ten years working her way through undergraduate school at the University of Houston. After that long uphill climb, Jane enrolled in law school at the University of Houston School of Law, where she excelled in moot court, law review, and won several American Jurisprudence awards by finishing first in those courses.

Jane was recruited by the Vinson & Elkins law firm right after her graduation. She spent almost two years there, but she felt that she was unsuited to practice in such a huge law firm, so she moved to a small law firm that primarily represented Plantiffs in personal injury lawsuits.

After trying lawsuits for several years, Jane came to realize that her interpersonal skills, as well as her primary interests, were better suited to activites that involved helping families resolve conflict. So, while continuing to try lawsuits on a full-time basis, she enrolled in the Masters Degree Program in the highly respected Psychology Department at the University of Houston at Clear Lake.  Upon graduation with a degree in Clinical Psychology, and with her internship completed and the Licensed Professional Counselor test taken and passed,  Jane stopped practicing law cold turkey in 1994 and began her Family Law Mediation practice, specializing in high conflict cases.
Along the way, Jane has completed an enormous amount of additional training. For example, after successfully completing over 1000 hours of training, writing a thesis, and passing a final qualifying examination, Jane was granted the title of "Director of Psychodrama," a nationally recognized distinction among mental health professionals. Further, she has devoted a considerable amount of time to yet another modality of psychotherapy known as "Solution Focused Brief Therapy," which she studied at the Brief Family Therapy Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Jane has, so far, 24 years of solid experience as a successful Family Law Mediator. She is credentialed as a "Distinguished Mediator" by the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association.

With Family Mediation, Jane has found her calling. It provides her with an arena where she can bring all of her education and all of her skills to bear in order to effectively help those who are involved in any type of family conflict that has reached the Courthouse and seems "hopelessly unsettlable".
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